English subject day – Gran Torino

Today on our English subject day, we watched a 2008 movie called “Gran Torino”, directed and played by Clint Eastwood. The movie was interesting, touching on subjects such as multiculturalism, racism, and prejudices. Walt Kowalski – a retired veteran who served during the Korean War, is trying to recover after recently losing his wife. Meanwhile he pushed his family away, causing his contact with them to fade over time. In turn, it made him a lot more lonely than he was.

Thao, who was a kid from his neighbourhood, was pushed by a group of hmong gangsters to steal Walt’s Gran Torino – his most precious belonging. After hearing noises in his garage, Walt caught the young kid in the act of crime, but Thao managed to escape as Walt slipped. It was too late however, since he had already caught a glimpse of him. This would later cause events where he would threaten Thao’s cousin and gang on his lawn with a break-action rifle and also ending up becoming a friend of Thao’s family.

In a lot of ways, Walt did not enjoy being in company with others. Several times during the movie, he would say racial slurs to strangers, so that they would dislike him and in turn avoid him. I remember that scene where he was invited to a barbecue with Thao, and when he accepted the invite, he said “just don’t touch my dog”, mocking the Chinese “Yulin festival” also known as the “dog-eating festival”. He changed his ways though, as he become more fond of the hmong family and went against his own prejudices.

I think the movie was executed well, and told a great story of how your prejudices are not always the way to paint a picture of someone. I personally did not expect the movie to be so good.

International Day at Fagerlia 2018

How’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve updated you here.

Today was quite a different day, since we had our “international day” at school. This year’s topic was about the Middle East, specifically Palestine and their feud with Israel. Several people with Middle Eastern ethnicities came to tell us their stories and experiences, and I’ve got to say it was quite interesting to listen to.

Unfortunately, we only had time for three people, so I didn’t get the chance to listen to everyone. However the stories I heard made me realize how lucky we are to live in a stable society. I also learned a lot more about the conflict around the Gaza Strip between the Israelis and the Palestinians, like the how it all started and why it’s still an ongoing conflict.


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